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Microsafe 500 ml Antiseptic/Antimicrobial

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Microsafe is the only product of its kind in the world that has endorsements from multiple countries — established, trustworthy & registered. Microsafe is the most certified and most tested 100% natural disinfectant of its kind in the world and just one of the revolutionary products by the Microsafe Group.
  • Microsafe contains 99.97% Oxidized Water
  • Zero Toxic Chemicals

Microsafe has been tested by some of the most highly regarded testing standard organizations in the world. It is non-corrosive and in use in tough aviation environments. There is no other all-natural disinfectant available worldwide with the same characteristics and amount of approvals.

Microsafe has a 0-0-0-A safety profile, involves no safety gear, triggers no reaction on eyes or respiratory systems. It can be used with people present and causes no harm to any materials.

The Microcyn® Technology (used in Microsafe), has been tested against a comprehensive range of viruses, bacteria, spores, fungi and more. There are also more than 30 scientific studies validating the technologies’ efficiency.

Microsafe comes in handy sizes that require no dilution or additional handling:

The 500 ml bottles are perfect for spraying on high-frequency touch-points, counters, desks and many more areas. The suitably sized bottles fit into any bag and are easily carried around. For the finest performance, clean target surface with a microfiber or similar cloth. Once cleansed, spray Microsafe over the surface in a thin layer, let air-dry or wipe off after a few minutes. The 500 ml bottles come in boxes of 2,4,6, 12 and 24 pieces, ready to use, supplied sterile – no need for dilution.  For each 2 bottle, one Trigger Sprayer is free. This Professional-Grade Dynon Trigger Sprayer fit on the 500 ml bottles and is supplied as an add-on.